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Robot Cache Store Update 6 hours ago

Every week we update the Robot Cache store. Whether it’s new games being added, new rows being created, or sales, we are committed to creating a fresh storefront. Robot Cache was strategically designed to allow for maximum discoverability. By creating an infinite amount of rows that allow gamers to scroll up and down or left and right, it’s never been easier to find the next hot game from your favorite publisher or discover something new. Check out the latest Robot Cache store update.

What’s New On RC

New games added to Robot Cache headline our Featured Row.

  • My Friend Pedro (!/game/652/my-friend-pedro). Blood. Bullets. Bananas. My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana. The strategic use of split aiming, slow motion, and the ol’ stylish window breach create one sensational action sequence after another in an explosive battle through the violent underworld.
  • Everreach: Project Eden (!/game/618/everreach–project-eden). Everreach: Project Eden, a fast-paced RPG set on Planet Eden, is live on Robot Cache. Explore this vast alien world packed with tactical ground combat & high-speed vehicular warfare.
  • Wasteland 3 (!/game/403/wasteland-3). Pre-order this game set to launch in early 2020. In Wasteland 3 the fate of Arizona depends on the fate of Colorado. Enjoy challenging tactical combat, hours of exploration, & a deep, reactive story full of twists, turns, & brutal ethical decisions. Saving Colorado isn’t going to be easy, but Arizona is counting on you, so… don’t screw it up.
  • GRIS (!/game/653/gris). Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities.

New Rows Added

With this recent publish not only came new games but the expansion of more rows.

  • It Takes 2 To Tango (!/category/2/it-takes-2-to-tango) features a list of some exciting sequels on the Robot Cache store.
  • Will You Survive (!/category/3/will-you-survive) is for gamers who love survival adventure games.
  • Long Arm of the Law (!/category/5/long-arm-of-the-law) highlights games where you take matters into your own hands to take down bad guys.
  • Rich Story Classics (!/category/10/rich-story-classics) encompasses games that allows gamers to follow captivating stories.

Robot Cache Store Update

As with any new Robot Cache Store Update includes Coming Soon games (!/category/9/coming-soon) and some new titles to the store (!/category/4/new-on-robot-cache).

About Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first videogame marketplace to buy PC games, resell them when you’re done and mine to earn free ones! We’re committed to disrupting distribution to be more fair, transparent and inclusive, changing the standard forever because it’s time.

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